The old maxim “A picture is worth a thousand words” certainly is true. Cartoons are a very powerful medium because they use both pictures and words.  But don’t be fooled into thinking that they are just for kids. You will find them in the world’s leading newspapers, because they have the ability to convey a powerful political message in a short space of time.

Many years ago I had a business where I made dressy leather jackets to order for people. I once put a cartoon of a shivering cow on the front page of a newspaper, asking the rhetorical question “Have you ever seen a cold cow?”  Then I spoke of the warmth and quality of genuine leather.  The next day I sold every jacket in my shop, including the one off my back.

So I hope that you will see that 180 Baby cartoons have the potential to influence minds about the vital issue of abortion, and they also promote 180movie.com  So please make a habit of regularly coming to this site, grabbing our latest cartoons and sending them on to others.  Thank you for your concern for the unborn.

-Ray Comfort

Free pro-life cartoons.
Please pass these on.
They may save a life.


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  1. Glenn Helmuth

    The link to 180movie.com is misspelled.

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