Free pro-life graphics:



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15 responses to “Free pro-life graphics:

  1. Since when can a fetus think?????

    • It’s a Baby, Jim. You were once a baby in your Mother’s womb. Fetus is a scientific term to make abortion seem less horrific and tragic-the taking of a human life. I’m glad my Mom was pro life….

  2. Jim Zee

    Right on, brothers and sisters.
    I applaud this blog and have linked to mine.
    Excellent work. We will persevere.

    Yours in pro-life,
    Jim Zee

  3. John Medecto

    Unfortunate that your cartoon is entirely unrelated to reality. Fetuses lack the ability to think in the way your cartoon suggests.

    Of course, perhaps you, Ray Comfort, acknowledged scientific ignoramus, have proof that they can, but I’m surprised you haven’t announced your findings to the world, if so. Just think of all the money it would generate for your terrible 180 campaign!

    • Gordon

      How insensitive you are, John. In Ontario you can go to jail for destroying a seagull egg. But I guess with you it’s ok to kill an unborn baby.

  4. Miranda

    How do you know a “fetus” can’t think? I suppose they magically start thinking the second they’re born. Ignorant fools.

  5. [quote]Unfortunate that your cartoon is entirely unrelated to reality. Fetuses lack the ability to think in the way your cartoon suggests.[/quote]
    That is why they live in a mother’s belly, so they can be taken care of.
    That is why this travesty is even worse than the holocaust, because they can do absolutely nothing for themselves.
    That is why it is so important for us to speak for them.
    They have no voice of their own.
    They have been murdered before they can begin to tell you for themselves.
    Sacrificed on the altar of politics and licentious abandon.

  6. margot

    ah these babies are super adorable.
    Thank you for putting your time to give these defenseless infants a voice.
    bless you

  7. jinel

    I am so thankful for the gift of life. To be given the opportunity to make a deposit in the earth, to influence, to impact some life for the better. Regardless of the circumstances or challenges one may face we should never by our greed, selfishness and fear deny the innocent the opportunity to life, to creativity. May we be mindful that we all had our beginning as a fetus. Continue to believe and fight for the cause of the unborn.

  8. Terry

    The only reason those who support abortion have a voice in the matter,is because they were not aborted.

  9. I like, the baby cartoon statements are terrific. Thanks

  10. I spotted a similar cartoon in an X-Ray department in London. I took a photo of it and we use it at our display table. It was a multilingual poster with a baby in a womb calling out, “Mum, please tell them I’m here!”
    Alan Thorne,

  11. Odette

    Human beings are an endangered species far more than any animal, plant or tree. These drawings & their messages are clear, that even a child or teen can understand. An excellent resource for my Sunday School class! Thank you.

  12. hardrock45

    A great effort for a great cause. Thanks!

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