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  1. NelsonMuntz

    Are these from right before the flood? Maybe before the Midianites or Amalekites or the folks in Jericho were slaughtered?

  2. It might make sense Nelson if abortion was performed on evil men and women, or on one’s enemies. But abortion is performed on the children of PARENTS. When parental love is compromised or lost, the parents personalities and humans are defiled, self defiled. How long can any society be successful when parental love and affection is damaged or absent? Only time will tell. But seeing as the USA now owes more for this an every coming year that it will make in Gross National Product (meaning we ARE NOW bankrupt), I think it will not be long until we go entirely under as a world power.

  3. Those people were destroyed because of murdering babies on sacrificial altars to Ba’al and the like. They placed babies in his red-hot, burning arms. This country sacrifices babies on the altar of politics. We call this a more civilized society? We haven’t really gone very far, have we? Still murdering those that cannot defend themselves.

    • “the altar of politics” ~ shame on those politicians who trade on the selfishness and sexual misdeeds of those who “abort” the children they conceive. Shame on any willful sinner.

  4. I believe in the right to choose. The baby has the right to choose and we must not take that right away from them. The Midianites, Amalekites and residents of Jericho made their choice. They chose evil. They chose to be enemies of God. Who are we to take that right away from anyone, no matter how young they are? The person in the womb has the right to make their choice, when they become able to do so. They have the right to life. When able, they can choose God, and trust him for their salvation. Or they can choose the world. It’s their choice and the consequences are the consequences they choose. We can not… we must not take that choice away from them. No one made the choices for the Midianites, Amalekites and residents of Jericho. They made their own choice. Who are you to presume you can choose life or death for another person?

  5. J

    This Is An Amazing Website, Thank You.

  6. deanna

    God i pray for all the unborn today so they may come into this world to have a intamit relationship with you. Amen

  7. James M. O'Connor I


  8. Tears in eyes…3 brothers or sisters in Heaven through Mums 3 miscarriages before sister was born. See you soon

  9. Richard Paredes

    Thank God for Godly wisdon and understanding in using tools to get the true msg out with simple things that make the msg simple.

  10. jeff

    Make ones for dads please like can’t wait to play catch with daddy or im going to be daddies little princess. Thanks

  11. Odette

    Thank you for sharing. In my generation abortions occurred left and right from teens and into adulthood. I’m so glad today’s generation has more information before they take the step of killing their children while still in the womb.

  12. Jamie

    I tried to post these on facebook, but it kept telling me there was something wrong with the files. Can any tech-savvy person out there address this issue? We would love to fill cyberspace with these cartoons!

  13. Hello Jamie,
    You can just download the image to your computer and then upload it to your Facebook. Or, use the “permalink” that goes with every image.
    Thank you!

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